Happy 2022! We hope your year is off to a great start! Ours certainly are with some good reads!

We consume so many books in a month, that we don’t always get the chance to talk about all of our favorites. So, we’ve decide to set aside a monthly post specifically for talking about our favorite reads that would have otherwise flown under the radar.



In a move that surprised absolutely everyone, myself included, I managed to read THIRTY-SIX books this month?!!? To be fair, twenty nine of those were from my (ongoing) binge of the Food Wars! manga. (A highly addicting series that follows around an unconventional candidate in his admittance to the most elite culinary institute in Japan, where he battles it out in chef-on-chef cooking battles.) Basically, January has been a highly productive reading month for me! In addition to Food Wars! I also managed to read all of the published chapters for Lore Olympus by Rachel Symthe (on webtoon). And yes, I am still feeling the whiplash of devouring 190 chapters, all the way up-to-date, only to a find a 4-month posting hiatus notice at the very end of my binge. It’s fine. I’m not emotionally traumatized at all from where we left off with Persephone & Hades. *emotionally stressed* Anyways, I actually stumbled upon a new (to me) readathon on twitter last week, and it fit my current reading trend so well I couldn’t help but decide to participate! It’s called Graphicsathon, and the goal is to read a graphic novel a day for the month of February, or to at least read a page of your current graphic read everyday for a month. After what I read this month, I should at least be able to do that. Now I just need to find enough volumes to fill out a twenty-eight slot TBR lol.


Better Than the MoviesKind of slow start to my reading year, but that’s alright. I read a ton in December and am fine reading slower and fewer books. My favorite this month was sort of a surprise since YA hasn’t been something I’ve reached for lately, but I adored Lynn Painter’s Better Than the Movies. I even preordered the paperback with Barnes & Noble’s preorder sale they just ran. It had me smiling and laughing and tearing up. I would rarely use the word “giddy” to describe myself, but this book just had me GIDDY. It is such a good YA romance and I would recommend it to anyone who wants an adorable YA book or if you like classic romantic comedies! I read it so quickly I could barely tell you much about the plot (lol), but I honestly think it is a fun one to go into without knowing much about the plot (note: trigger warnings for death of a parent and grief).

What was your favorite read of January? 

xoxo, Bree & Tree

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