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BOOK REVIEW: All the Right Reasons

All the Right ReasonsAll the Right Reasons by Bethany Mangle
Publication Date: February 15, 2022

Plot: Cara and her mom get cast on a reality dating show where her mom is the lead and Cara comes along to help vet the suitors and her potential step-siblings.

If you’ve been here for more than a second, you know I watch The Bachelor Franchise shows and LOVE a reality TV setting in a book. So when I was offered an ARC of this one, I jumped at the chance to review it.


  • Reality is very juvenile a lot of the time so even though parts of this felt juvenile (this is younger YA) it really worked with the setting.
  • I loved Cara and her mom.
    • They fight, but their relationship felt real and you can tell they really care for each other.
  • I am such trash for reality tv settings in books.
    • Some of the creating of the show and the behind the scenes were some of my favorite parts.
  • I really just liked the concept of this book.
    • YA cannot really have a “reality tv dating show” plot since they are minors, but having her mom be the lead and Cara tagging along was the perfect twist.
  • I read it really fast which is my favorite thing.
    • I had DNF’d two books prior to reading this one, but this one sucked me right in.
  • There was some clever and funny dialogue which I always appreciate. I definitely LOL’d a few times.
  • ALSO, the cover is SO CUTE!! I love the art style.
  • Minor spoiler maybe? But, I really liked who her mom chose.


  • I wanted more from the ending! Everything is wrapped so quickly.
  • I also wanted to see the viewers response to the show!
  • The pacing as a whole was a bit off
    • It was a slow pace for most of the book only to speed WAY UP for the last 75 pages. I think being a bit longer would have helped with this.

Overall, I would recommend this one if you want a fun and quick YA read with a unique setting.

*thank you to the publisher for an ARC copy; all thoughts are my own*

Since I review a lot of reality dating show books on the blog, here are the reviews to those. Please note these are all adult (not YA) titles.

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xoxo, Tree

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