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BOOK REVIEW: Weather Girl

Weather GirlWeather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon
Publication Date: January 11, 2022

Plot: While having a *bit* too much to drink, Ari and Russell decide to try to get their divorced bosses back together to help make their office a better place to work. They don’t anticipate how much they will like each other.

I preordered a signed copy so my copy did not arrive for almost a week after release but, shoutout to my local library because I was able to get the audiobook for this one on release day.


  • I usually do not listen to romances on audio as I can read them quicker than I can listen to them, but I really did like taking it slow with this one and spending more time with Russell and Ari.
    • I read this during a very hard work week and it was so nice having a nice book to escape into.
    • The audiobook was also very well done.
  • Russell has some very SWOONY LINES and I loved him as a love interest, like, a lot.
    • Fat hero!! (Which I wish was depicted on the cover)
  • The depression representation and the discussion on medication were very natural, without making this book feel overly heavy.
  • The set up plot is overall a fun time.
    • As a disclaimer I do love the film Set It Up (2018) starring Lucy Liu & Zoey Deutch which probably helped.
  • As always I love a Seattle setting and RLS truly makes the city come alive in her writing.
  • They see an eclipse which is very cool because I went to Washington to see an eclipse a few years ago.
  • Russell is a sports reporter and I loved how he talked about sports! It was only a single conversations, but I still enjoyed it!
    • He honestly talked about sports like how I talk about sports which made me love him even more LOL.
  • Russell is a single dad and I did like the kid, but I have thoughts (see below)
    • I did really like the conversation on judging teen parents.


  • Russell has a kid which I did like, but per usual, the kid was a tad too perfect. There was a moment where Ari has to help her with something that I did like, but I wanted a bit more chaos.


  • I wanted more cute moments/romantic moments with Ari and Russell. At times I almost felt that the romance plot was the secondary plot compared to the SET UP and Ari’s relationship with her mom.
    • I appreciated Ari and Torrance’s business/mentorship relationship but it really took up a lot of page time and made the novel feel less like a romance.
  • This novel really covers A LOT and like my previous comment, I would’ve liked a tad more romance that such a heavy focus on the other plots. I do think the plot lines were woven together well and there are a lot of important conversations, but there is just a lot and it distracts from the relationship.
    • I would’ve preferred the romance/mental health journey to be the focus.

Overall, I really enjoyed this one and would recommend it to those who enjoy contemporary romances. As always, I love RLS writing and recommend her books.

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xoxo, Tree

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