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We are so happy to have YallWest back in person for the first time in two (three??) years!! Below is a cute lil book tag we put together in honor of all the bookish things we’ve been missing!

The Prompts

Book Festival: A book festival you would like to visit!

Bree: I used to always want to visit the big bois,  like BookCon/BookExpo and YallFest, but really I would love to visit any all book festivals. My life has been lacking them lately and I miss their positive, bookish energy!

Tree: I want to make it to the Tucson Festival of Books! And now that I know someone who lives there, that might happen one day.

ARC Giveaway: What ARC are you willing to wait in a 2 hour line for?

Bree: Not gonna lie, I would probably knife someone right about now for an ARC of Husband Material by Alexis Hall.

Tree: I very much would love Love on the Brain by Ali Hazelwood.

Meet & Greet: Who is the author you would most like to meet?

Bree: Ahh there are so many I would love to meet!! Holly Black is at the top of that list for sure, but I would also love to meet Meryl Wilsner, Alice Oseman, Ngozi Ukazu, Emma Lord, Helen Hoang and Casey McQuiston!! To name *cough* more than a few…

Tree: I would love to meet some of my favorite romance authors! I would love to meet Sarah MacLean, Emily Henry, Ali Hazelwood, Talia Hibbert, or Alyssa Cole!

Merch Booth: What bookish accessory are you adding to your collection?

Bree: Lately I seem to be picking up a lot of bookish shirts? Oooh but my bookish accessory is enamel pins, of course! I am just so weak for them, even though they have very little function.

Tree: I’m not a huge bookish accessory person, but I love stickers! Also, can’t go wrong with cute bookmarks.

Author Autograph: What is your most prized signed book? / Who’s signature would you most like to get?

Bree: I would absolutely love to get Holly Blacks signature on any of my collection, but most importantly The Folk of the Air series! I might actually die if that happened. I super excited to see her on her Book of Night Tour in MAY!!!!

Tree: Meeting Meg Cabot and having her sign my copy of the last Princess Diaries book that I bought as an 8th grader the day it came out, was very special. I also really would like to get Maggie Stiefvater to sign my copy of The Scorpio Races.

Waiting in Line: Who are you waiting in line with? Or who is a bookish friend you would love to meet?

Bree: If my answer was anything other Tree, posterity would be gobsmacked. I swear half our friendship is books (the other half is coffee). We’ve been to so many events, and she is the first person I ever think to ask to any event.

Tree: Obviously Bree is my go to bookish friend. I can’t even count how many events we have been to at this point. But, also shoutout to all the people I’ve chatted with in line at various festivals and events.

*Bonus Question*

Book Caddy: How many books are you willing to tote around all day??

Bree: WE HAVE A SYSTEM Y’ALL. Our first year attending YallWest we brought like, a backpack each filled with books and it was TOO MUCH. We now like each carry 3-5 on us and swap them out as our “schedule” permits. If you’d like more tips, you can check out 2019 Guide to Yallwest.

Tree: Well Bree and I lowkey cheat with this and park sort of close to the festival. We then visit the car like five times and switch out all the books/drop off any books acquired. So like five max.

Thanks for reading! We hope you do the tag (even if you haven’t been to Yallwest before)!

xoxo, Bree & Tree

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