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BOOK REVIEW: See You Yesterday

See You YesterdaySee You Yesterday by Rachel Lynn Solomon
Publication Date: May 17, 2022

TW: bullying, panic attack

This is not a sequel to Today, Tonight, Tomorrow even though the covers are similar/parallel to each other!

Plot: Barrett is starting her freshman year of college where she gets stuck in a time loop and ends up living the same day over and over and over. But, she isn’t in the loop alone. Turns out the guy who was rude to her in Physics class the first first day is also stuck. The two of them join forces to figure out what this means and how to escape, while experiencing all of the emotions along the way. 

This is Rachel’s newest YA book and I’ve been hyped for this one ever since I heard her talk about it during a virtual release for Weather Girl and it did not disappoint!! 


  • I flew though this book!
    • I meant to only read a chapter one night since I was reading other books and really need to catch up on sleep, but then I ended up reading 100 pages and actually bringing the physical book to work with my the next day (which I rarely do).
  • I loved how prickly Miles was. The “dislike to friends to lovers” took a hot second which I appreciated.
  • I had so much fun with the time loop element. Like Miles, I have not seen Groundhog Day and the time loop content I have consumed has been hit or miss for me (see my thoughts on Christina Lauren’s time loop book here), but it was so fun here.
    • I loved seeing what they would do on different days and seeing them be so serious to fix it one day only to give up and have fun the next felt very realistic. Even though it could feel a bit repetitive, it doesn’t at least until the end when the characters are OVER IT.
    • This is a character driven book so seeing them deal with the time loop shows a lot about them as people.
  • I love a YA book set in college.
    • Rachel is able to express what college is like very well for an adult (coming from another adult lol)
  • Some of the lines were laugh out loud funny.
  • I really liked Barrett’s relationship with her mom.
  • Like all of Rachel’s books we have excellent humor, jewish characters, a Seattle setting that makes you want to book a ticket asap, and sex positivity.


  • There is fair amount of physics talk in this book and for someone that took a ton of physics in college and suffered through every single class it was A LOT. But, shoutout to the guy in my Physics class that helped me out a lot (he was forced to since we were on a team with another guy) and is basically the only reason I did okay that quarter. Anyways. I had a crush on him for a hot second & did not get stuck in a time loop with him so nothing happened between us.
  • Nothing else standout!

Overall this was a solid and fun YA novel with a time travel twist that just makes you want to keep reading.

*thanks so much to the publisher for an eARC; all thoughts are my own*

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Tree

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