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BOOK REVIEW: Luck of the Draw

Luck of the Draw (Chance of a Lifetime #2)Luck of the Draw by Kate Clayborn
Publication Date: July 2020

TW: death of a sibling/parent (prior to novel), grief, drug use/abuse, addition

So this review is based on a reread I did, I read this one for the first time last year. I read all of Kate Clayborn’s books (plus her Christmas novella) in 2021 and it was a grand time. She is now probably one of my favorite romance authors. So good. See my review of her latest, Love at First, here.

Luck of the Draw is my favorite of the Chance of a Lifetime series and I loved it even more this second time around. You really don’t need to read them in order, but this series is great so I recommend reading all of them.

As of the posting of this one, this one is free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Plot: Thanks to a recent lottery win, Zoe has quit her toxic lawyering job. She does not know what to do so she makes a “guilt jar” to try to make amends for the hurt she has caused. Enter Aiden O’Leary whose family was hurt by Zoe’s law firm. Zoe says she will do him a favor and he needs a fake wife to potentially purchase a summer camp. Zoe compromises with fake fiancée.


  • Kate Clayborn’s writing is just so good! This book is less then 300 pages and it made me feel all the feels (I teared up at the end).
  • The camp setting. Idk what it is, but I love a camp setting.
    • And adults at a camp setting? Even more fun.
  • When Aiden had to break into the infirmary (IYKYK).
  • I obviously love a fake dating/fake engagement story.
    • See our favorite fake dating stories here.
  • Both of these characters are dealing with grief and their own baggage and seeing them come together is everything to me.
    • They both are hurting and then they start to heal each other and I just love this so much.
    • The ending and them saying certain things to each other was perfect.
  • Obviously friends and friendship are a bit part of the series.
    • Zoe has a great friend group and I loved seeing Aiden bond with his coworkers.
  • Lorraine and Paul and when Zoe calls them.
  • So many of the quote were just perfect. I highlighted a lot of this book.
  • Again, the writing!! The first time I read this I did not appreciate the detail and the short, but powerful writing.


  • Nothing really!
  • I just wish it was a tad longer. It isn’t even 250 pages!! Which yay for short books, but I could’ve spent more time with the characters.

5/5 stars (bumped up on this reread from 4 stars).

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Tree

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