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BOOK REVIEW: The Dead Romantics

The Dead RomanticsThe Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston
Publication Date: June 28, 2022

I want to say right off the bat that this book is not a romantic comedy and deals with grief related to the death of a loved parent very heavily. The main character’s dad dies a few chapters into this. So please keep that in mind before picking this one up.

Plot: Florence has been the ghostwriter for a famous romance novelist for the last couple of years. But after a rough breakup she no longer believes in love and is struggling to finish the novel. But, then her dad suddenly dies so she has to go back home to the town whose gossip about her and her ability to see ghosts drove her away.

I really enjoyed Ashley Poston’s Once Upon a Con series, but her sci-fi and fantasy have not appealed to me since I don’t typically love the genre, but when I saw she was writing an adult romance with GHOSTS I was interested. But, still a bit skeptical, but I loved it.


  • The sense of humor in this book. Florence has a dark sense of humor and I loved it. I love gallows humor and it works so well with this taking place at a funeral home and her being able to talk to ghosts.
  • I am 98% sure I found a Julie & the Phantoms reference in this which is iconic.
    • I have lots of feelings about JATP and this book soothed me AND ALSO MADE ME EVEN MORE MAD WE DIDN’T GET A SEASON TWO. Netflix come on!!
    • Also JATP was the first time I shipped a human and a ghost and now after this book I fear it is becoming a pattern.
    • A fellow bookstagrammer told me Ashley confirmed it which we love to see.
  • I adore the color of the cover! It’s so pretty.
  • I really enjoyed seeing Florence work through her break up and not just instantly move on which always feels unrealistic.
  • Ashley throws some shade at publishing which was a fun time.
  • I cannot with Ben’s full name being BENJI ANDOR.
    • If I had to guess I would say he is named after Ben Solo & Cassian Andor from Star Wars.
  • A lot of contemporary romances have been missing the ~tension~ that I like so much in romances and since the love interest is a ghost in this one, there is a lot of tension.
  • I’ve always liked Ashley’s writing, but some of it here is so beautiful.
  • So many books are name dropped here in the best way.
  • This is random, but I read Fun Home by Alison Bechdel a week or so before I read this one and a big chunk of that graphic memoir takes place at a funeral home and Florence’s family also owns a funeral home which was a weird coincidence.
  • I loved all the conversations about finding love and happiness in grief and in places like a funeral home. Seeing Florence and her family be happy with their family’s legacy was really heartwarming.
  • It’s a really quick read. All of Ashley’s contemporaries read quick and I’m so glad for it.


  • It’s not super romance-y. I mean they can’t physically touch so I get it, but like…still wanted a bit more romance as the main plot really is Florence growing as a person and dealing with her grief.

Overall, I really loved this one and would recommend it if you’re okay with heavy grief themes. 4/5 stars.

TW: TW: death, parental death (during the course of the novel), cheating, murder of a child (prior to novel)
CW: Harry Potter mention

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Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Tree

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