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BOOK REVIEW: The Duchess Deal

The Duchess Deal (Girl Meets Duke, #1)The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare
Publication Date: August 22, 2017

This review is based on my third read of this book. I adore this novel and it’s simply a GRAND TIME. It quite possibly is my favorite historical romance novel or at a minimum, is the one I’ve read the most. It’s my go to recommendation when people want a historical romance recommendation, especially if they are new to the genre.

Plot: The Duke of Ashbury has decided he needs a wife because he needs an heir. Less than five minutes later, his valet walks in and says a woman in a wedding dress has arrived at the front door. Emma wants payment on a wedding dress she made for a wedding that was called off. So in the hope it will get the Duke who didn’t get married’s attention, she shows up at his house. In the wedding dress.


  • I always tell people this book is funny. Quite possibly the funniest historical romance I’ve ever read. Emma and Ash have banter for days!! Tessa Dare is just humorous and it comes through so well.
    • The first time I read this I had to set it down so I could laugh out loud within the first like ten pages.
  • Beauty & the Beast vibes!!
    • But also lowkey Batman vibes??
  • Breeches the cat!!
    • He is always getting in the way and at one point steals food from Ash’s plate and just runs away?? Peak comedy here.
    • Ash’s interactions with the cat are so comical and great.
  • I have highlighted so much of this book. Like so much.
  • The Marriage of Connivence trope just HITS.
    • Especially in historicals am I right?
  • I love a sarcastic, dramatic, broody love interest and Ash is both of these to the max.
  • The servants shipping them and doing dramatic things to force them together (More Beauty & the Beast vibes here).


  • Nothing

TW: child abuse (verbal; past, but discussed), life threatening injury (prior to novel, but discussed)

I adore this book and if you want to order a signed copy Tessa Dare does quarterly signings at The Ripped Bodice so you can order one here. Or if you want to order a copy from and support me you can use my affiliate link here.

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Tree

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