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READING CHALLENGE: Owned October (read what you own!)

So I have been tracking the books I own but have not read a lot closer than I usually do, I made a spreadsheet lol. This has resulted in me being a lot more aware of all the books I’ve bought and have not read. I mean aside from the fact that my shelves are so full that I struggle to fit additional books on the shelves, but I digress.

I have recently realized that bingo sheets have been very helpful in motivating myself to stick to rough TBRs, so I decided to make a challenge myself and figured I would invite other people to join if they wanted.

The challenge is mainly going to be happening on Bookstagram, but figured I would post a TBR/wrap up on the blog since I can write more words here. If you’re on Bookstagram and want to be added to the DM group, send me a DM on Instagram.

Anyways. Here is the bingo sheet/prompts. You can interpret them anyway you would like! If you don’t have a book that matches the prompt exactly feel free to get creative! I also encourage you to read widely and diversely whenever possible.


Prompts & my TBR (as if I will actually stick to it) –

A SHORT BOOK – Julie & the Phantoms Novelization 

I will never forgive Netflix for canceling Julie and the Phantoms!! Anyways. I bought this whenever it was released and have yet to read it! It’s a short one so it should be easy to get through.

WAS A GIFT/REC FROM A FRIEND – The Girl Who Drank the Moon  by Kelly Barnhill

I have no idea what this one is about, but a friend gave me a copy a long time ago and I hope to get to it this month!

A BOOK YOU BOUGHT BECAUSE OF BOOKSTAGRAM (or any book social media) – One Night With a Prince by Sabrina Jefferies 

I used to be in a historical romance book club on bookstagram and this was one of our picks. I don’t remember if I just didn’t find a copy in time or if this was the last pick before the book club disbanded? Either way, I never read it.

PUBLISHED BEFORE 2020 – Mine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas

Friends I technically own two copies of this book…One in a bind up with another novel and the mass market copy. So I should read it right?? The irony being, I also have Kindle Unlimited for a few more weeks so I’ll be reading this through KU. Gotta get Lisa that $$ (not that she needs it).

YOU BOUGHT FOR THE COVER – Payback’s a Witch by Lana Harper

I mean…do you blame me?? This also seems like it will be a great read for spooky season!!

A NEW TO YOU AUTHOR – Love Radio by Ebony LaDelle 

I got this arc at Yallwest a few months ago and got to chat with the author for a minute and she was very nice. But, then I never picked it up even though I’ve seen so many good reviews. Plus the cover is gorgeous and I don’t think it is a very long book!

A GENRE YOU DON’T USUALLY READ – I Lived On Butterfly Hill by Marjorie Agosín 

My grandma gave me this book! I don’t read a lot of middle grade, but when grandma gives you a book, you read it. It also takes place in Chile where my grandparents are from and I’ve never read a book set there. I’m hoping I love it.

YOU HAVE OWNED FOR A LONG TIME – As Many Nows As I Can Get by Shana Youngdahl

I had a book all picked out for this one and then realized it was a sequel?? and I didn’t know?? and I haven’t read book one?? or own book one?? So I ended up choosing As Many Nows As I Can Get. I’ve almost unhauled this one a few times, but I remember a very positive review from someone who has similar taste to me and she loved it so I’ve hung onto it for years.

So even though I spent a long time on this TBR I doubt I will stick to it!! I am notoriously bad at sticking to a strict TBR so these are just some options!

I hope some of you will join me in reading what we own this month! Feel free to tag me in your posts or use the hashtag #OwnedOctober so I can see what you’re reading!

Are you partaking in any reading challenges this month?

xoxo, Tree

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