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BOOK REVIEW: Heartbreaker

Heartbreaker (Hell’s Bells #2) by Sarah MacLean
Publication Date: August 23, 2022

I love Sarah MacLean so when I got approved for an ARC of this one I almost passed out. I read and adored this one before it’s release, but I didn’t get my act together enough to post a review here before now. I did post on my thoughts on Instagram on time if you want to see that, which if you’re reading this, you don’t have to.

I meant to finish my reread of this one before I wrote this review, but that did not happen so my thoughts are not as specific as I wanted them to be!

If you’ve read this one or want to hear Sarah talk about this book, I highly recommend this episode of Fated Mates. I also recommend this podcast as a whole for all romance readers!


    • But, by chapter one I knew I was going to have a blast reading this. I was smiling most of my time reading this.
      • Like grinning. It was embarrassing.
  • It’s a wild ride and yet most of the focus is on the two main characters.
    • Which is impressive since the world MacLean has created is chaotic and messy and full of action.
  • Imogen and Tommy. I cannot wait for their book omg.
  • I would compare the Hell’s Belles series to an action movie (but with kissing and sex obvi). Sometimes the plot doesn’t make the most sense and things just sort of happen in the main character’s favor, but it doesn’t matter because as the reader we are HERE FOR IT.
    • The plot gets a bit bananas at times, but as a reader I just want a fun time and this book delivers on this front.
    • There is a lot going on, but in the best way.
      • We have a duke with a stiff upper lip. Basically a road tip. Only one bed. Stuff blowing up. A couple running towards Gretna Green (IYKYK). AND MORE.
  • This is one of my favorite romances I’ve read this year and I especially loved the funny moments of dialogue and the quiet moments between the characters.
  • I don’t remember tearing up while reading this, but I wrote that in my IG post so it must have been true.
  • This book is fiercely romantic which I loved to see.
  • Also we love to see that Sarah named Adelaide Frampton after Megan Frampton and the Duke of Clayborn after Kate Clayborn (two other authors).
  • Seeing where the nickname of Hell’s Bells came from.


  • Nothing standout!

Overall, I adored this historical romance and it’s one of my favorite reads of the year. I even ordered a signed copy because I needed it! If it wasn’t clear, 5/5 stars.

*thanks so much to the publisher for the eARC; all thoughts are my own*

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Tree

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