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BOOK HAUL: New Year, New Books

Hello!! In the first few days of the year, I have already bought all of these books! I have a serious problem!! The most likely case is that I have impulse-control issues, but on the other hand, I am surrounded by bookish enablers!! (Tree! Quinn!) The sales were great though, and I have absolutely no regrets about it. I know I will just revert to “no buying” mode for awhile….right. Anyways, here are all the books I acquired in the first FIVE days of the year! Whoo!

01.01.23 — New Years Day Sale @ Mysterious Galaxy

This sale was a 20% off anything in the store so my boyfriend and I both went a wee bit crazy and each got a stack of books. I also bought some cute pins, but failed to take any pictures of them~

two books, Zatanna and Wash Day Diaries, held up before a collaged page background.

I couldn’t help but add Zatanna: The Jewel of the Gravesend and Wash Day Diaries to my collection of graphic novels. Buying them in print is always feels like a luxury since they can be on the pricier side, so this sale was truly a blessing.

The Dragon's Bride by Katee Robert, held up before a collage of pages.

After seeing an entire twitter thread by the author about the sales difference between the two covers for The Dragon’s Bride (very interesting thread) I absolutely had to pick this up when I saw it on the shelf at Mysterious Galaxy.

Zelda Cookbook held up against bookish page background. Cover is purple with shiny gold zelda/food graphics around cover.

I definitely picked up this Zelda Cookbook to browse through for laughs, and then I saw a recipe for tonkatsu pork broth and immediately thought “I can get my foodie boyfriend to make that for me” aaand I was sold.

Quinn standing in front of Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore, after their New Years Day Sale with giant stack of books (mostly the game of thrones series).

Here is said foodie boyfriend, Quinn, with his own stack of books from the sale; including the entire (released) series of Game of Thrones, and a Zelda Art Book.

01.03.23 — Savers Thrift Store w/ Tree

Haddix Among the hidden // Spiderwick chronicles holly black

Tree and I went thrifting and of course, we had to stop by the books section. I picked up Among the Hidden and Spiderwick Chronicles book 1 to hit whatever buy 3 deal that was going, but also to encourage my reading of backlist titles from authors I like.

two can keep a secret karen m mcmanus // permanent record mary hk choi

I happened upon a SIGNED copy of Two Can Keep a Secret for like $5 and that was too good of a deal to pass up. I also swiped a hardback copy of Permanet Record with its cool see-through dust jacket. Mary M.K. Choi always has such cute covers!

01.05.23 — Stopped by Verbatim Books (since we were in the area)

Verbatim is my favorite used book store in all of San Diego!! So anytime I am in the vicinity, and it is open (I’m in SD on days it’s closed a lot), I make time to stop by.

a Verbatim Books shopping bag hangs on a bookish page background. infront are held two books, Eva Evergreen semi magical witch and Nimona.

This time I found Eva Evergreen, Semi-Magical Witch (review here), which I have been hoping to add to my library for a while now. I also found a solid (AKA not drawn on) copy of Nimona, so I’m excited to eventually dig into that!

a Verbatim Books shopping bag hangs on a bookish page background. infront are held two books, when you get the chance and one to watch

I finally added When You Get the Chance (mini review here) to my collection in its finalized version! I’m excited to line it up with my other Emma Lord books. I also acquired a copy of One to Watch (Tree’s review here) for my romance shelf.

a Verbatim Books shopping bag hangs on a bookish page background. infront are held two books, a very shiny 'museum of wonders' and 'the fledgling handbook 101' with reflective lace pattern.

Sometimes I swear I’m part magpie, because the shine of Miss Peregrine’s Museum of Wonders absolutely drew me in, and all the pictures inside didn’t help! To be fair, the creepy pictures were always my favorite part of the books anyways. I also grabbed  the Fledgling Handbook 101 because I am House of Night trash and actually hadn’t read this one before.

01.05.23 — The Stolen Heir Book Event @ Mysterious Galaxy

nine liars by maureen johnson held aloft infront of a bookish page collage. The cover is a beautiful orange color with red leaves and a staircase spiraling toward the center.

A new Truly Devious book is out in the world! Nine Liars is honestly so good. I’ve been binging when I can since the event and it’s making me miss England so much! I saw Maureen Johnson the last time she was on tour back in January 2020, so it was nice to be able to get The Box in the Woods signed as well since it released in 2021!! I didn’t take a photo of it because it wasn’t a new purchase, but it exists! (This title is under the HarperCollins umbrella, and since 11/10/22, the HarperCollins Union has been striking for a fair wage. You can learn more here, and you can donate here.)

The Stolen heir by holly black helf aloft in front of a collaged page background. the gilt detailing on the title font and cover graphic shimmer a warm gold.the stolen heir open to SIGNED title page. top of page says "for Bree""

I MET HOLLY BLACK & SHE SIGNED MY BOOKS!! I walked out of that store on cloud fricken nine. FLOATING!! I got all my original trilogy signed and Cardan’s book! I almost cried. But The Stolen Heir is the book that I purchased to attend the event (technically a while ago, but the payoff was in the new year so I’m counting it).

Holly Black and Maureen Johnson sit at two podiums in front of a bookshelves. In front of them is a packed seating area. Holly is snickering and Maureen gestures with her hand, re-enacting a story,

Holly Black & Maureen Johnson were thoroughly hilarious and entertaining; constantly bouncing off each other and building on chaotic bubbling energy. It was great. I’ve seen both of them on different tours, with different authors, but the chemistry on this one was UNHINGED.  So much murder talk too! Glorious.

The stolen heir BN special edition held aloft infront of a page backgroung. The cover is balck with silver gilt highlights on the title font, and birdcage illustration in the background.

Lastly, I’ve included my preorder of the BN special edition of The Stolen Heir, since I was technically charged for it when it shipped on release day. Who ever said one copy was enough?

Thanks for reading! What have you bought in the new year?

xoxo, Bree

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