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WEEKLY TAG: Top Ten Tuesday

I haven’t done a Top Ten Tuesday in quite a while, and this week’s prompt was too good to pass up. It’s “New-to-Me Authors I Discovered in 2022,” which is great for me because this is actually something I track on my yearly reads tracker, so it was easy for me to cherry pick my favorites. Out of the 58 authors I read last year, 28 were new-to-me, and these were my top ten *cough* eleven…err might be twelve?? As always, these are not listed in any particularly order.

The Top Ten Tuesday tag is hosted by Jana, @ThatArtsyReader, and you can find the upcoming prompts here.

1. Tsubasa Yamaguchi; creator of the Blue Period manga


Okay, except for this one. This is ranked as #1 on purpose. This series was definitely one of my favorite discoveries of 2022. I watched the anime 1st, and then found these books and binged all twelve of the released volumes, in like the span of two weeks. Oops.

2. Jennette McCurdy; author of I’m Glad My Mom Died

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I very much loved Jennette’s memoir and her writing struck a chord with me. I can’t wait to see what she works on next.

3. Maia Kobabe; author of Gender Queer


This book was very talked about in 2022, and not for great reasons, so I of course had to support the author and read it myself. Gender Queer is a deep insight to the nonbinary and asexual spectrums, and highly informational to anyone interested in understanding.

4. Racquel Marie; author of Ophelia After All


I follow Rocky on twitter and have been waiting for her debut for what seems like forever, but it came out this year and it was stunning! I even got to meet her at YallWest, and got my copy signed.

5. F.T. Lukens; author of So This Is Ever After


F.T. Lukens got me invested in a character-driven plot and I’m not mad about it. Okay, maybe a little, because how did they DO that???

6. Ashley Herring Blake; author of Delilah Green Doesn’t Care

54756850. sy475

I consumed this book so fast that I literally can’t remember anything about it. Time for a reread, and to pick up Astrid Parker Doesn’t Fail.

7. Ngozi Ukazu; the creator of the Check, Please! graphic novels

41541435. sx318

I genuinely didn’t realize Bitty & the boys had been a part of my heart for less than a year. I read each book THREE TIMES in 2022, and honestly wish I could climb between the pages and live at the Haus.

8. Tee Franklin; author of the comic runs for Harley Quinn: the Animated Series

58567903. sy475

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy, I ship it. Waaaay better than Harley & the Joker. Also, Tee is a black, queer, autistic, & disabled author, and I enjoy seeing all her insights on Twitter.

9. Rachel Smythe; creator of Lore Olympus


As a person who grew up fascinated with Greek Mythology, this stunning adaptation of the classic tales has me THRILLED. Rachel’s art style is gorgeous and I could stare at it for hours. (I’m pretty sure I did actually…)

10. Alison Cochrun; author of The Charm Offensive


Okay, this is another one for the “I burned through it so fast I remember dirt” pile! Time to pick up her next book, Kiss Her Once for Me.

11. Julie Murphy & Sierra Simone; authors of A Merry Little Meet Cute


I’m not usually on for Christmas-centric things, but the duo writing this one had me in their crosshairs. Between the setting, the characters and the chemistry, I was dying. I hope they pair up to write together again soon!

Thanks for reading! Who was your favorite find of 2022?

xoxo, Bree

2 thoughts on “WEEKLY TAG: Top Ten Tuesday”

  1. I also discovered Ashley Herring Blake and Alison Cochrun last year and ADORED their books. I devoured both of Alison’s novels and the short story she released for Christmas as well. I can’t wait to pick up Astrid Parker AAAAND I just saw Ashley tease a cover reveal for her next book in the series — super exciting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh yes!! I really need to pick up all of their other books, but once I do there will be less of them to read. And oh my gosh the covers are the cutest. Leni Kauffman does amazing work!

      xx, bree


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