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BOOK REVIEW: Earth Bound

Earth Bound (Fly Me to the Moon #2) by Emma Barry & Genevieve Turner
Publication Date: May 11, 2016

First of all – this series in on Kindle Unlimited so if you subscribe to that hop on this series ASAP! This is book two in the series, you don’t have to read book one, but…lowkey I would recommend it for the context, even though I loved this one a lot more.

Well. I cried three times at the end of this book because I wanted these characters to find their HEA so badly. I can’t believe I got this for free via one of the “Stuff Your Kindle Days“. Like best deal. 

Plot: Eugene Parsons’ entire life is work. He is working towards getting an American on the moon and time is of the essences. Enter Charlie Eason. Gorgeous, but more importantly a brilliant engineer who is going to help. They clash, but they are drawn together and start up an affair. They refuse to talk about it at work and don’t talk about work at the seedy hotel they meet at. Their arrangement is fine for awhile, but as the stress of the job pushes them to their breaking points they realize they are finding comfort with each other. 


  • This one started a tad slow for me, I read a few chapters during my lunch break and then forgot I had started it, but once I got into the story I was IN THE STORY. 
  • I loved both our characters so much. They are so similar and in this case it suited them so well. 
    • I love when characters love their work so much they don’t have time for love and then love happens and they can’t handle it.
  • I highlighted so many quotes.
  • Charlie’s parents were not great, but I loved how Charlie still understood why they were the way they were. Especially her mom. 
  • I will say. Her parents not being great led to a scene where Parsons extols all her greatness which is always a thing I like to see. 
    • minor spoiler – but also leads to a closet make out.
  • The trope isn’t really friends with benefits since they aren’t friends, but whatever the trope was here I really loved it. The slow passage of time didn’t always work for me, but it really showed their slow emotional burn. 
  • The setting with the space program is so fun. I have family that worked on the space program so a lot of this feels a bit nostalgic for me. 
  • Seeing them emotionally open up to each other HURT ME IN THE BEST WAY. 
  • I am a sucker for a starchy buttoned up character who then falls head over heels in love for another character and Parsons just doesn’t know what to do with all his love. 
  • I lowkey think there is a Pride & Prejudice hand flex moment!! 
    • “But the hand with which he’d clasped hers clenched and unclenched on his thigh as the door clicked shut” LIKE I MEAN ??
  • When he laughs for the first time.
  • I love when characters who feel misunderstood find their people and Charlie’s person is Parson. 
  • When they are lowkey broken up but there is a space emergency and Parson’s is bending over backwards to help Charlie in any way possible. 
    • This is where I loved a forced proximity or workplace romance trope because it forces them to be close to each other! Like people may die otherwise!!


  • Ngl some of the science went over my head and I was like I don’t care lol
  • Time passes slow

5/5 stars

Overall I loved this one so much. I definitely see myself revisiting it and it might become one of the favorites of the year. I’ve already read so much good romance this year I don’t know what to do with myself.

TW: sexism in the workplace, death of a sibling (prior to novel)

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Tree

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