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BOOK TAG: Spotify Wrapped Book Tag

I stumbled upon this tag a couple months ago, but figured Spotify Wrapped happens once a year…so I had a while to use my 2022 playlist. Now here we are in March and I am excited to say my 2022 playlist still SMACKS!! Also that after I completed this, I realized I am seeing two of these artists, this week!! Very exciting.

I found this book tag over on Ace Reader but it originally came from Lace and Dagger Books!

The idea of this challenge is to put your 2022 playlist on shuffle, and for the first five songs, you need to pick a book you read in 2022 that fits that song. It doesn’t have to be a perfect fit. You just have to explain why you chose that book for that song.

Song 1:

Naked in Manhattan by Chappell Roan = When You Get the Chance by Emma Lord

The book is definitely waaaaaaay more PG than the song, but the bubbly vibes and running around Manhattan? Literally couldn’t have made a better match, unless it was LGBTQIA+ too. Mini review here.

Song 2:

Salt by Bad Suns = A Bad Day For Sunshine by Darynda Jones

Idk. The vibes just match to me. But also Sunshine has a very mysterious past and spends three books piecing it, and all the secrets of the town, together.

Song 3:

Disaster by Conan Gray = Mistakes Were Made by Meryl Wilsner

BIG DISASTER ENERGY HERE. Many chaotic choices being made!! So much stress and not being sneaky at all! Check out my review here. Love, love, love Conan!

Song 4:

the lakes by Taylor Swift = The Girl from the Sea by Molly Knox Ostertag

Spotify Wrapped knows me too well. I legit screamed when this song came on, and I am sad to announce that I didn’t really read any books that fit ideal ~the lakes~ vibe check standards in 2022. But this was a cute, sweet, seaside story about wanting to steal away with the object of your affection…so maybe it is a perfect ~the lakes~ vibe???

Song 5:

Missing Piece by Vance Joy = Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe

I was really annoyed when this was the song that came on after the lakes, but then I got to the part that goes “when I’m in a room with you, that missing piece is found / you know when you’re by my side, darling, nothing can bring us down / it’s like when you’re far away from me, I get lost in the crowd” and knew instantly it perfectly matched up with to match up with Hades & Persephone’s story, but especially the version told in Lore Olympus.

Thanks for reading! This was so fun. I might have to do 5 more songs…

xoxo, Bree

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