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BOOK REVIEW: Ana Maria & the Fox

Ana Maria & the Fox by Liana De La Rosa
Publication Date: April 4, 2023 (You can order a signed preorder here)

This is not my favorite header I’ve ever created, but your girl is tired!! So when my photo didn’t exactly work out I didn’t have the energy to make it work better.

I read this one via a Traveling ARC Program (#ChickLitTravels) hosted by ChickLitIsTheShit on IG. Give her a follow if you’re a romance reader!

This book was on my radar the second it was announced because I love historical romances and my grandma’s name is Ana Maria!! And then once the cover was released I was like I NEED TO READ THIS BOOK.


Right off the bat I want to note that the synopsis for this book mentions a marriage of convenience which is a trope I love. But then the marriage does not happen until PAGE 227. Of like a 330ish page book. Which like now the synopsis feels like a spoiler and also that doesn’t leave enough time for the trope to do everything I like. I felt a bit like the marketing misrepresenting the book a bit which is a shame because I did like a lot of it, but I felt like I was going to get a different story. (Especially since I heard this was a slow burn so I was expecting a slow burn ONCE THEY WERE MARRIED not just them knowing each other; which is very different).

This is the second Berkley book that I’ve felt misrepresented the book via synopsis which is a shame because readers are going to feel disappointed if they don’t get the book they are expecting which is no fault of the author’s.


  • Ana Maria and her sisters are the stand out of this novel. I cannot wait for Gaby and Isabel to get their own books because the set up here was great.
  • I loved learning more about historical Mexican culture and the conflict that lead the Luna sisters to flee Mexico.
  • This cover is stunning 
  • I did like the writing. It was a bit slow in places, but it felt very lyrical. Parts of the story reminded me of Lisa Kleypas, but that could just be because of the historical romance tropes that are used here. 
  • I do like seeing more diversity in historical romances because the subgenre (and tbh the romance genre as a whole) is veryyy white.
  • Ana Maria and Gideon did have some swoony moments and I loved the early tension between the two of them, but see below.
  • I read a traveling ARC copy of this one and it was fun to see what the person who read the book before me thought via the post it notes she left. 
    • I don’t do a lot of buddy reads, but it is always fun to chat about books with fellow readers!


  • Aside from the marriage of convenience happening SO LATE this book suffers a bit because it is the first in a series.
    • We spend a lot of time with world building or set up and not much happens.
    • I think this being the first in the series there was just a bit too much set up for my enjoyment.
  • The relationship is a slow burn, but so is the plot.
  • I never was 100% on board with Ana and Gideon. I liked them, they had some cute moments, but the pacing of their relationship felt off to me and I never was fully there.

Do you have any diverse historical romances to recommend to me?

xoxo, Tree

5 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: Ana Maria & the Fox”

  1. I think your header for this is great btw! & loved reading your thoughts on Ana Maria!🥰Totally get how the marriage of convenience being too late into the story can really impact the enjoyment factor too! 😭

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  2. I appreciate how you let us know about the plot misrepresentation. It’s a bummer that the marriage of convenience didn’t happen until so late in the story – and the slow burn was just… too slow. Buuut I’m glad that you enjoyed some of the other aspects of the book!

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