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RECAP: Yallwest 2023

On April 29 (do you really want to know where I was April 29th?) we made our way to Santa Monica for Yallwest! We have been going to Yallwest for many years at this point, and it is always such a fun festival. This year it was chilly and we were cold most of the day (we were quite surprised our lovely California sunshine decided to take a break that day), but it was still a fun time! Honestly, we rode the bookish adrenaline high for so long after we left too.

Here are some of our highlights!

  • Getting ARCs of Ali Hazelwood’s YA debut Check & Mate. Bree has already finished it; review coming soon!!

yall haul

  • Seeing our friend Jordan do her publishing thing at the Get Underlined Booth. So proud!
  • Seeing other book friends (however briefly) around the festival. Someone is always on their way to stand in another line.
  • Telling some of the younger school kids there for the event, about an ARC scavenger hunt and giving them tips on where to looks for the pieces.
  • Bree actually won a box at the Owlcrate booth. The biggest prize either of us has ever gotten from their spin wheel before was like bookish pencils lol.
  • We actually went to a panel for once (!!) and it was so fun to see one of our faves, Morgan Matson, moderating some other YA authors.
    • The panel was NOT not a Taylor Swift-themed panel by design, but swiftie Morgan did us all a favor, and made it that way with questions exclusively pulled from song lyrics,  all from the title Taylor song. She also referred to Taylor as “our Poet Laureate” and it sent Bree to the brink.
    • It’s always fun seeing authors you don’t know.


  • Tree also got to meet Shannon Hale (author of so many iconic books) and she was so kind. Tree also ended up with a sort of wild story about getting a photo with the author.
  • Seeing authors like Becky Albertalli, Morgan Matson, Maureen Goo, Raquel Marie, Ransom Riggs, & Tahereh Mafi just walking around ~casually~
  • We got to hear Erin A. Craig talk about her new book House of Rot and Ruin, which was fun for us because we received ARCs of her debut House of Salt and Sorrow, many Yallwests ago.
  • This is totally a Southern California thing to include in a highlight, but traffic wasn’t bad in either direction which is a major win.
    • We made it back to Bree’s house in time to see Taylor Swift sing High Infidelity which was the true win.

A major thanks to all the organizers and volunteers who put on this event year after year! We can’t wait for next year’s fest!

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Bree & Tree

yall 2

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