About Us

About Bree (she/her)

Hello there! My name is Bree, short for Brianna, and I have been a bookworm for about 11 years; ever since I caught the reading bug in middle school. I started out reading series like Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the Clique, and the A-List. (This was way before there was an established YA genre). I love anything fiction; ranging from fantasy to contemporary to thriller to sci-fi. In recent years I have started to branch out my interests to poetry and graphic novels as well. Alas, I have not been able to develop a taste for non-fiction yet.

After being dragged in to the online book community by Tree and her bookstagram in 2016, I began to develop an interest and love for it. In 2018 I finally succumbed to the allure and created my very own bookstagram account (@alibraryforone) and haven’t looked back since. My other hobbies include traveling, petting dogs, photography, being one with nature, and creating memories with my friends.

About Tree (she/her)

Hey! My name is Tree, which is a nickname (my parents are not weirdly obsessed with plants). I am a twenty-something year old booknerd who has been reading for fun since I was in elementary school. I grew up on the Dear America, Baby-Sitters Club, & Princess Diaries books. Thanks to my library shelving half of the Princess Diaries books in the “Teen” section, I discovered YA and became a reading fiend.

I started Booksagramming (@treereads) in 2015 and became involved in the online book community (this also drastically increased my book buying and the size of my TBR). I am a regular at my local library where I can be found checking out more books than I could ever read. When I am not reading (or on Instagram let’s be honest), I enjoy stressing out over college basketball, watching TV shows, drinking all the coffee, and fangirling about all of the above. Oh, and just as a heads up, I am a horrible speller, you have been warned.