About Us

About Bree

Hello there! My name is Bree, short for Brianna, and I have been a bookworm for about 11 years; ever since I caught the reading bug in middle school. I started out reading series like Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the Clique, and the A-List. (This was way before there was an established YA genre). I love anything fiction; ranging from fantasy to contemporary to thriller to sci-fi. In recent years I have started to branch out my interests to poetry and graphic novels as well. Alas, I have not been able to develop a taste for non-fiction yet.

After being dragged in to the online book community by Tree and her bookstagram in 2016, I began to develop an interest and love for it. In 2018 I finally succumbed to the allure and created my very own bookstagram account (@alibraryforone) and haven’t looked back since. My other hobbies include traveling, petting dogs, photography, being one with nature, and creating memories with my friends.

About Tree

Hey! My name is Tree, which is a nickname (my parents are not weirdly obsessed with plants). I am a twenty-something year old booknerd who has been reading for fun since I was in elementary school. I grew up on the Dear America, Baby-Sitters Club, Princess Diaries, and Harry Potter books. Thanks to my library shelving half of the Princess Diaries books in the “Teen” section, I discovered YA and became a reading fiend.

I started Booksagramming (@treereads) in 2015 and became involved in the online book community (this also drastically increased my book buying and the size of my TBR). I am a regular at my local library where I can be found checking more books than I could ever read. When I am not reading (or on Instagram let’s be honest), I enjoy stressing out over college basketball, bingeing TV shows, drinking all the coffee, and fangirling about all of the above. Oh, and just as a heads up, I am a horrible speller, you have been warned.