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BLOGMAS DAY SEVEN: 2023 Books We are Hyped For

Another year of releases is right around the corner and our TBRs are scared. There's just so many good books out! Here are the releases we are most hyped to see in the 2023!! In line with the wishes of the HarperCollins Union, we have not pulled any HC titles from our "Favorites/Best" lists this… Continue reading BLOGMAS DAY SEVEN: 2023 Books We are Hyped For


BOOK REVIEW: Take the Lead

Take the Lead by Alexis Daria(Re)Publication Date: February 14, 2023 I love Alexis Daria and I was so excited to learn about her debut novel when I heard they would be republishing it with a cute illustrated cover. Seriously, I love this cover.  This book doesn't release until 2023 so you will have to wait… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Take the Lead