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BOOK REVIEW: Heartbreaker

Heartbreaker (Hell's Bells #2) by Sarah MacLean Publication Date: August 23, 2022 I love Sarah MacLean so when I got approved for an ARC of this one I almost passed out. I read and adored this one before it's release, but I didn't get my act together enough to post a review here before now. I… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Heartbreaker

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MINI REVIEWS: Historical Romances [part 5]

So I keep reading historical romances (although at a slower pace than I was earlier in the year) so I have even more reviews for y'all!! Also, this is like way delayed. I read these a hot second ago.  I'm also doing a giveaway for two historical romances on my Instagram if you want to… Continue reading MINI REVIEWS: Historical Romances [part 5]