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BOOK HAUL: Independent Bookstore Day

We love to support independent bookstores here at Words About Words, and the last weekend of April was apparently my time to shine and contribute to the noble, bookish cause lol. Anyways, I found out about the Independent Bookstore Crawl (like a pub crawl but with independent bookstores instead!) through the Verbatim Books' fire Instagram… Continue reading BOOK HAUL: Independent Bookstore Day

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BOOK HAUL: Stacking the Shelves!

I've seen these posts around, but have never been looking for something to post in that sweet spot where I don't have a post planned, but also have time to get something like this together. I also have started tracking the books I acquire so that helps. Stacking the Shelves is a weekly post hosted… Continue reading BOOK HAUL: Stacking the Shelves!

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BOOK HAUL: San Diego Independent Bookstore Book Haul

So on a recent trip down to San Diego I managed to visit not one, but two independent book stores!! Shoutout to my boyfriend to let me drag him all over the city for my bookish desires.  Mysterious Galaxy So I hadn't actually visited in-store before, since I mostly order through their website. This trip… Continue reading BOOK HAUL: San Diego Independent Bookstore Book Haul

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BOOK HAUL: Tree’s Spring-ish 2021 Book Haul

BOOK HAUL TIME had big hopes to post hauls all last year, but that DID NOT happen. You can see my haul for January 2020 here and February & March 2020 here. But then...I did not post any other haul since. Then I got so far behind that it became overwhelming. So here I'm going… Continue reading BOOK HAUL: Tree’s Spring-ish 2021 Book Haul


BOOK HAUL: Spring Book Haul

So, this was initially supposed to be an April book haul, but then I ordered a few more books the next month, and a few more the month after that. Now we're here and it's a spring book haul. It is lengthier than I care to admit, especially after I did so well keeping my… Continue reading BOOK HAUL: Spring Book Haul

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BOOK HAUL: February & March Acquisitions

In 2020 I decided to keep track of where I acquired books from. Partly because I was curious and partly because I'm trying to be more mindful about book buying. I did a haul post in January because I got a lot of books in January (yay for birthdays), but February & March were a… Continue reading BOOK HAUL: February & March Acquisitions

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BOOK HAUL: Holiday Haul

If you happened to read this post during Blogmas, then you know exactly what books I was hoping to receive for Christmas...and I didn't want to keep anyone I anticipation, so I thought I would do a quick holiday (book) haul for y'all! (shh I love dumb rhymes.) Most of these were specific requests because… Continue reading BOOK HAUL: Holiday Haul

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BOOK HAUL: June & July

So, I happened to gain about 42 books over the last two months, and I thought it might be fun to do a haul. Since there's so many books, I’ve broken them up in to how I got them. Each book is linked to its Goodreads page, and if I've written a review for it,… Continue reading BOOK HAUL: June & July

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BOOK HAUL: Spring Book Haul

AKA THE OPPOSITE TO SPRING CLEANING!! AKA TREE SHOULD GO ON A BOOK BUYING BAN!! I've accumulated a fair amount of books recently (Also, hi this is Tree) and wanted to share them with you all! I should have just used cover photos from the internet, but instead basically took bookstagram photos for almost all… Continue reading BOOK HAUL: Spring Book Haul

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On May 4th, 2019 we attended our fourth Yallwest. If you don't know, Yallwest is a book festival in Santa Monica, California which features author panels, signings, giveaways, and general bookishness with a focus in Young Adult and Middle Grade books. It is one of our favorite events of the year because it's basically a… Continue reading RECAP: YALLWEST 2019