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SUMMER SPRINT: Short Book Recommendations

Last year we put together this GUIDE TO: Catching up on your Goodreads Goal and this is basically part 2. Use this post for catching up on your Goodreads goal or just for a time when you want to read some short books. Poetry: As always poetry is a good go to for short books.… Continue reading SUMMER SPRINT: Short Book Recommendations

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SUMMER SPRINT: Audiobook Recommendations [Part 2]

Welcome to the Summer Sprint! During this week we will be posting something everyday. If you want to check out last year's posts see them here. We hope you enjoy these posts and that you are staying safe during these challenging times. We did a post last summer which describes how to listen to audiobooks… Continue reading SUMMER SPRINT: Audiobook Recommendations [Part 2]

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GUIDE TO: My Favorite Books by Black Authors

I'm loving that in the past week book Twitter and Bookstagram have been full of book recommendations by Black authors and anti-racism educational texts. My phone is full of screenshots so I can add them to my Goodreads TBR. But, we have to make an effort to actually read all these books and support BIPOC… Continue reading GUIDE TO: My Favorite Books by Black Authors

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ROMANCE WEEK: Romance Recommendations II

It's no secret that we read our fair share of romance novels. Apparently, we've read (and loved) so many that we have enough for a second romance rec post! If you'd like to check out last year's recommendation post you can do that here. Red,White, Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston (review) What else can be… Continue reading ROMANCE WEEK: Romance Recommendations II

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BLOGMAS DAY SIX: Nonfiction Mini Reviews + Nonfiction Recommendations

In 2019 I challenged myself to read more nonfiction, by reading one nonfiction book a month and it actually went okay. I am not someone who shies away from nonfiction. I like learning more about topics that I am interested in and do pick up some nonfiction without prompt, but I wanted to make a… Continue reading BLOGMAS DAY SIX: Nonfiction Mini Reviews + Nonfiction Recommendations

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BOOK TAG: The Netflix Book Tag

The Netflix Book Tag was originally created as a YouTube tag by Whitney @ A Darker Shade of Whitney and was then converted to a blog tag by Heather @ The Frozen Book Blog. I stumbled upon it on Perfectly Tolerable. Recently Watched – The last book you finished reading. I'm currently in the middle… Continue reading BOOK TAG: The Netflix Book Tag

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MINI REVIEWS: July & August

Once again, coming in two months late with my mini review post! Anyways, I read a lot in these months and as always did not write full reviews for, um, most of them. Literally only three of the books I read during these months got full reviews. Yikes. Even in this post I am not… Continue reading MINI REVIEWS: July & August

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SUMMER SPRINT: Guide To [Catching up on your Goodreads Goal]

So, we are about halfway through 2019 (!!) First of all, how? Second how is that Goodreads goal looking? We all have different methods and reasoning for how we chose a reading goal for the year and they are all valid. Honestly. Here are some short books and some quick reads which can help you… Continue reading SUMMER SPRINT: Guide To [Catching up on your Goodreads Goal]