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READING CHALLENGE: I read seven books in seven days

 An alternative title: I read seven books in seven days and regretted it. As someone who has being doing Goodreads reading challenges since 2013 you would think that I cared a lot about the number of books that I read. But, I really don't. I set a goal that I think I can "easily" meet… Continue reading READING CHALLENGE: I read seven books in seven days

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BOOK REVIEW: Frankly in Love

Frankly in Love by David Yoon Publication Date: September 10, 2019 TW: Racism towards Black and Latinx people (challenged) & (another one in white because it spoils a major plot line) death of a parent  This book is insanely hard to discuss without mentioning spoilers so please be cautious if you want to go into this… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Frankly in Love

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MINI REVIEWS: March & April

HERE WITH ANOTHER MINI REVIEW POST (also thank you to everyone who supported the last set of these) ((double thank you to everyone for pretending that these are not just monthly wrap ups)) Again, for those who don’t know what mini reviews are, I do not like writing full length reviews for every book I… Continue reading MINI REVIEWS: March & April