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MINI REVIEWS: November & December

I did one of these posts for September & October and liked the format. I am too lazy to write full length reviews for all the books I read and to be honest just don't want to talk about some of them. Here are a few of the books I read at the end of… Continue reading MINI REVIEWS: November & December

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BOOK TAG: The Reputation Book Tag

The Reputation Book Tag Created by Mollie @ Mollie The Reader To preface this: I was not tagged, I just love Taylor Swift and books so this is perfect for me. This album has played a huge part in my life this past year and it is a masterpiece. Also, the reputation Stadium Tour was epic… Continue reading BOOK TAG: The Reputation Book Tag

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BOOK REVIEW: Blood Water Paint

Blood Water Paint by Joy McCullough TW: violence, abuse, rape So, let me start off with this: I had no idea that this book was in prose format when I got it from the library, if I had I probably would not have checked it out, and that would have been a BIG mistake. I… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Blood Water Paint

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BOOK REVIEW: The Wall of Winnipeg & Me

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata To preface this review: I read this in one sitting from about 10pm to 2am so I may have missed some stuff and may have loved it more than if I had spaced it out.  Okay, this book was more of that slow burn goodness that… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: The Wall of Winnipeg & Me

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September 2018 Book of the Month: Sadie by Courtney Summers Published: September 4, 2018 CW: abuse (child & sexual), addiction, & violence (note this is a dark novel and has many serious themes so if you have triggers be aware) EPISODE ONE: SADIE [WORDS ABOUT WORDS THEME] ANNOUNCER: This review is brought to you by… Continue reading BOOK OF THE MONTH REVIEW: Sadie

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BOOK REVIEW: Listen To Your Heart

Listen to Your Heart by Kasie West  Taylor Swift sings, “I-I-I see how this is gon' go” and I really felt that reading this book. Kasie West’s books are always cute, fluffy, and don’t have a ton of depth. Which is fine, I tend to fly through and enjoy her books well enough. Listen to… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Listen To Your Heart