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BOOK TAG: The Blogger Stats Book Tag

Tbh I am not entirely sure I haven't done this tag before...but, since it's pretty relevant to what you're reading now I figured it was fine if I had done it before. I saw this tag on Cozy with Books' page. Check out their post here.  Also, I'm going to real with you all, I… Continue reading BOOK TAG: The Blogger Stats Book Tag

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MISC: Bree’s 2020 Reading Stats

I feel like one of my defining personality traits is my drive to ask weird questions and find out unusual tidbits (for later regurgitation). So when I read Tree's 2019 Reading Stats post, I was absolutely enthralled with the idea of analyzing my own reading data. I instantly created an (ever-expanding) excel sheet with all… Continue reading MISC: Bree’s 2020 Reading Stats

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MISC: Tree’s 2020 Reading Stats

So as you may or may not know, I'm in graduate school which means I like data and charts and finding weird patterns in stuff. So I get weirdly excited about my reading spreadsheet and sharing any conclusions I can draw from my reading.  Here is my post from 2019 in case you're interested? Idk why… Continue reading MISC: Tree’s 2020 Reading Stats