BOOK TAG: Bachelor Nation Book Tag [Original]

We watch the Bachelor shows. Tree started watching them right before college and she successfully dragged Bree (and her BF lol) into watching the shows a few years ago. It's a mess 98% of the time, but honestly is a fun time. Plus Bachelor Nation has some of the best memes. There has been so… Continue reading BOOK TAG: Bachelor Nation Book Tag [Original]

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BOOK REVIEW: The Love Hypothesis

The Love Hypothesis by Ali HazelwoodPublication Date: September 14, 2021 (TUESDAY!!!) TW: Cancer, death of a parent (off page), misogyny, sexism, emotionally abusive mentor (off page, but described), sexual harassment (workplace setting) Plot: Olive, a third year PHD student, is trying to convince her best friend that she is over a guy (so her friend… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: The Love Hypothesis