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READING CHALLENGE: The 1989 Reading Challenge

You make a Taylor Swift related challenge and I am instantly on board! Thanks to @AliciaClareReads on IG for creating this challenge! It's also from last year... Also this is going up so late into the new year because I was waiting for the Harper Collins strike to be resolved since many of these books… Continue reading READING CHALLENGE: The 1989 Reading Challenge

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ROMANCE WEEK: The Hathaways by Lisa Kleypas Series Review

Hello! We are once again doing our little Romance Week posts. We hope you enjoy all the romance-themed activity, and if you're interested in previous years you can find them here! I rarely read historical romance series in order. You usually don't have to and typically I don't own all the books anyways. But for… Continue reading ROMANCE WEEK: The Hathaways by Lisa Kleypas Series Review

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MISC: Tree’s 2020 Reading Stats

So as you may or may not know, I'm in graduate school which means I like data and charts and finding weird patterns in stuff. So I get weirdly excited about my reading spreadsheet and sharing any conclusions I can draw from my reading.  Here is my post from 2019 in case you're interested? Idk why… Continue reading MISC: Tree’s 2020 Reading Stats

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MINI REVIEWS: July & August

Once again, coming in two months late with my mini review post! Anyways, I read a lot in these months and as always did not write full reviews for, um, most of them. Literally only three of the books I read during these months got full reviews. Yikes. Even in this post I am not… Continue reading MINI REVIEWS: July & August

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24 Bookish Facts About Me (TREE)

Since this blog is still ~semi~ new I figured I would do a sort of "get to know me" type of post. Originally this was only going to be 10 facts about me. But, then I got this cute idea that I should do 24 facts because this is going up close to my 24th… Continue reading 24 Bookish Facts About Me (TREE)